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Quality horse feeds and bedding from your local equestrian centre. Call

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Keeping your horse properly fed is extremely important to the diet, performance and overall happiness of your horse.


We supply all leading brands of horse feeds to make sure it is properly fed all year round, offering our advice if needed on the feed that would work best for your horse.


If you give us a call or visit our centre we can discuss your specific requirements and make sure we have the right horse feed in stock for you.

Horse feeds from Candletrees Equestrian

Along with the feeds we supply we can also provide Taunton horse bedding as well, recommended by us for their ease of use, quality for the horse and fantastic value for money for our customers.


To see our stock just visit the centre or call first and we can discuss your individual needs.

Horse bedding

Keep your horse happy with a fantastic range of horse feed & bedding

Candletrees Equestrian can supply Taunton with a range of horse feed & bedding perfect for all types of horses, covering all budgets and needs depending on your specific needs.

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